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AESOP is a fully-featured multi-user staffing operations system developed to ease the burden of managing casual, contract and agency staff at venues such as:


and all kinds of outdoor and indoor events, from the smallest to the largest.

Multi Event

Each event is a functionally independent unit with its own working areas and staffing plan, so AESOP can easily handle multiple simultaneous events. The Staffing officer can draw on regular, casual or agency staff by region or from the entire staff pool. All employing costs, pay and expenses are uniquely identifiable and traceable back to the originating unit. Costing and forecasting tools ensure the budget always stays under control.

Employee Details

At the heart of AESOP is a detailed staff database, recording not only personal details and employment history but also training courses, disciplinary record and a continually-assessed performance rating. AESOP works across multiple jobs, events and venues to prevent double-bookings and warns if employees are unavailable for a given date.

Event management

At the event level AESOP really comes into its own. It can handle multiple events at the same venue in the same week, with multiple staffing officers working simultaneously. Each event has its own characteristics, such as staff numbers, working areas, rates of pay, start and finish times etc.

Once the event template has been created AESOP can auto-staff every area with regulars, by using job suitability and availability criteria, or the staffing officer can make selections the old-fashioned way. Staff can be selected according to their average rating, geographical location, age, training or almost any other criterion.

Having matched staff to roles, AESOP can offer jobs and record responses by SMS text message, or print combined gate-pass/job offer cards. Each card has a unique barcode that is scanned on arrival and departure, updating AESOP immediately with the hours worked. Alternatively, the sign-in/out process can communicate with swipe-card access control and timecard systems for a fully integrated osolution.

At any time the staffing officer can review the number of outstanding jobs and places filled, add new areas and staff jobs left vacant due to no-shows.

Employee Communication

One of the staffing officer’s most arduous tasks is staying on top of employee communications. AESOP makes it easy with two-way SMS text messaging.

No more spending hours on telephone calls and dealing with correspondence. With just a few clicks the staffing officer can chase up unconfirmed jobs, issue job offers or pass on event information. Each SMS can be personalised to the event, area, job and recipient through special message tags. Responses can be monitored real-time and AESOP automatically updates the planner as jobs are confirmed.

There is also a web interface to allow employees to check for upcoming events on your website and register their interest, as well as confirm or decline job offers. Confirmations pass directly to the planner, so the staffing officer is always up to date.

Analysis & Reporting

As soon as planning is underway, AESOP offers the staffing team a wealth of reports, including costing and forecasting, uniform requirements, travel arrangements, job responses, training and staff rotas. On completion of the event, the system produces agency timesheets and detailed pay reports.

Historically, AESOP retains a detailed record of each employee’s performance and pay received, the total event costs based on individual job parameters and provides comparisons between estimated and actual costs.

Remote workstations

Not all event management activities take place in the office. Many venues, especially outdoors, have several signing-in points at which staff are arriving simultaneously. With AESOP, you can download event data to laptop PCs equipped as scanning stations, then update the event server with the results when the task is complete.

Interfaces to external systems

As well as access and timecard systems, AESOP includes two-way links to external Human Resources applications such as SAP or PeopleSoft, or our own internal payroll bureau, sending pay and expense details and receiving employing costs to update the event record. It can also exchange data with other systems utilising comma-separated files and a variety of protocols including HTTP and XML.

AESOP also handles traditional postal mailshots, linking to Microsoft Word, and exports data for import into other office applications.

Technical specification

AESOP is a multi-user application incorporating robust relational database technology with a proven track record in the public and private sector. It is scalable from single-user desktop use up to RAID-equipped multiprocessor network servers supporting hundreds of users.


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