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jBASE is an Application Development and Database Independent Management System that enhances and extends the UNIX, Windows NT and Windows '95 Operating Systems. jBASE also facilitates easy migration, and therefore to those Operating Systems, from other DBMS's, including Pick and Reality.

jBASE consists of run-time, development and administrative components and is designed with Open Systems and Open Software in mind. jBASE allows the most flexible overall computing environment possible by allowing multiple Operating Systems and multiple Databases to interact together in one overall heterogeneous solution.

Run-Time Components

The run-time components are designed for freedom of choice, efficiency and ease-of-use.

They consist of:

- The jBASE External Device Interface (jEDI), which provides database independence and distributed processing capabilities
- jBASE's own family of NF2 file systems, namely j1, j2 and j3 files
- The jBASE query language (jQL)
- The supporting 'verbs' implemented as standalone executables
- The jBASE equivalent of Proc (jPQ)

Development Components

The development tools are designed for highly productive development, simple migration and run-time efficiency of resulting software.

They consist of:

- A set of tools for easy migration to jBASE from existing environments
- The jBC Programming Language, which is a compiled language and a superset of Dartmouth BASIC allowing structured programming. Note that the jbc compiler can be directed to produce C or C++ source code too
- A set of development editors and debugging tools

Administrative Components

Being an enhancement and extension of the UNIX and the Windows family of Operating Systems, jBASE takes advantage of all the administrative functionality of the host environment. However, there are some extra facilities provided over and above those of the host environment.

They include:

- The jBASE Spooler (jLP)
- Utility programs such as jbackup and jrestore


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