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All of our Modules use the TransSys 4GL software design engine. This has been developed by us to aid the 'cost effective' design of application program suites.

It has many features that not only allow the 'user' the ability to alter software on their own, but provides an equally efficient tool for us to change or add additional facilities when you demand them without the usual time and expense associated with 'bespoke programs'.

In short it is like having your own affordable computer development team where and when you want it at a fraction of the cost of having your own team in place.

The tools allows for such things as, screen design, electronic specifications, auto-documentation and support manuals, utility links to your data, free form report & export building, indexing and search tools, structured design, security control, system management suite for spoolers, back-up, file sizing, interface to existing or third party software, SB+ & other 4GL import, emulation for GUI interface, etc.


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