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Tri Acc

TRIacc is a fully integrated ledgers suite, comprised of these three components:

• TRInom Core module for the accounting systems
• TRIpur Purchase ledger module
• TRIsal Sales ledger module

Tri Nom

This financial accounting module is the core module for all the accounting systems and is fully integrated with all other modules via real-time updates or batch updates from our own or third party products as required.

It has been developed over the years from being used by accounting people and as such has been tuned to suit the needs of most finance departments as well as retaining an easy 'speed input' operation look and feel.

It has a fully flexible accounting structure with trial balances together with profit and loss and balance sheet reporting tools to allow for output of periodic management accounts.

Other features include: budgeting, direct cheque VAT postings, current and forward periods kept live, auto year-end journals, auto-reverse journals, accruals, department/cost centre analysis, private account protection, P11D, project/job sub-analysis, auditor's tick list schedules, full archive facilities with recall and print for as many periods as are stored.

It is also possible to link this module as with others to a bank/cash book system which allows for multiple bank reconciliations to be kept on a day to day auto-matched basis.

In essence this module is designed by accountants and as such is well suited to providing an invaluable tool for them to perform accounting control as effectively as possible.

The tool allows for such things as, screen design, electronic specifications, auto-documentation and support manuals, utility links to your data, free form report building, indexing and search tools, structured design, security control, system management suite for spoolers, back-up, file sizing, interface to existing or third party software, other 4GL conversion, terminal emulation for GUI interface, etc.


This is the purchase or bought ledger module of the TRIacc suite and is designed to integrate to the Nominal ledger as well as the VAT Return Reports.

The system has been designed to be easy to use and this is highlighted by our inclusion of 'user default prompts', which make it possible to set up preselected data for each individual circumstance. This ensures that the operation of entering data is quicker and less prone to mistakes as the normal/safe options are defaulted.

Full enquiry of accounts with alpha or key search, for the current live outstanding ledger as well as an instant recall of the history for as far back as stored or selected.

Flexible payment terms link to a recommended payments process which can then be fine tuned before release to cheque/Remittance production. Other payment processes such as BACS, BOBS, BGC etc. are also allowed for on a mixed basis if required. Full reporting comes as standard and includes aged debt analysis, full ledger prints, label and/or addressing listings, full daybook (batch and period based, as required), cash forecasts.

Ad hoc reporting is also available with the 4GL TRIrep report generator if required.

Tri Sal

The Sales or Debtors part of the TRIacc suite has been kept as flexible as possible to allow other third party Invoicing routines to auto-post into it with a full audit trail of postings. This allows in-house or pre designed 'sharp-end' invoice routines to be retained with the knowledge of a secure double entry based accounting module keeping the postings in order.

Monies received posting includes cheques, BACs Cash etc. and allows for a one step post and match to invoices as an alternative to a later process of housekeeping. This can be used to auto-allocate or part allocate as required.

Full control accounts are maintained in the nominal ledger as well as the VAT summaries. Full master file details are given as standard with analysis fields for budget/target comparisons. Full enquiry feature, with alpha or key search, to screen or print and can include outstanding items as well as instant recall of past payments by customers together with the associated transactions that were paid off.

This product also links to a credit-chase system of letters and reminders as well as the standard statements.


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