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The menu provides a link between the programs and procedures required to run the total operations of the computing environment. It allows for a simple and secure method of providing just what the user needs to perform their role within any given operation.

Software, procedures, system commands, reports, spoolers, back-up control, even third party processes can be linked into menu sets designed against each user's security level or security title. This allows for grades of complexity and access to minimise errors.

Multi-company/site compartments, jump keyword mnemonics for quick selection of a known process, job batch procedures for out of hours scheduling (e.g. month end routines). Hardware control such as, disk management, printer queues, spoolers and VDU's. Also function keys, department documentation, electronic mail, security checks, keyboard locks, generic string search for mini-window of selected tasks and full user maintenance screens for tailoring of menus as required.

A simple effective way to control all your applications under one easy to control environment.


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