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Our payroll system is not only suitable for small businesses but has been adapted to provide one of the most comprehensive 'payroll-management program suites' on the market today. It has accreditation from being audit Checked by the IMIS which is acknowledged by the Inland Revenue as being the recommended source of testing on computerised payroll systems. (You can download some useful HM Revenue & Customs forms.)

The payroll periods can be weeks, months even lunar or fortnightly. It can handle anywhere from one to thousands of staff all on an inexpensive machine platform due to the multi-user systems approach in its design. The scope of this system is wide and varied so as to suit commercial and industrial environments as well as being used for bureau operations with its multi-company control ID which allows for thousands of payroll businesses to be controlled on one machine.

Some example features are; holiday pay schemes and recording, 13 week averages, time sheet input, alpha/key look-up, directors NI, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP, P45, P60, global tax updates, nett to gross, split pay, BACs, BOBs, BGC, auto batch macro mode, RTI, pension schemes including auto enrolment, profit related pay, continental shift patterns, costs centre analysis, free format pay elements, 4GL self designed input screens, full report generator and security control.


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