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Tri Pay

A stand alone or payroll integrated product which has many options built within it to create a simple personnel system. You may then choose to turn on the more complex features as you feel you need them to build up to a very sophisticated Personnel Human Resource management tool which will stand the test of the most complex organisations.

This product has grown into a very flexible product due to the changing demands of the client base over the years. It has therefore got many logical points from which to subset a system as well as integrating to other systems such as clock card, time and attendance, word processing and payroll records.

The input screens cover most details, but can be altered by the use of our 4GL tools built into the software. Some of the aspects covered are; sickness, absence, maternity, clock IDs, shifts, multi-site, accident, injury, training, qualifications, references, salary review history, occupation codes, labour turnover, government report extracts, training boards, transfers, disciplinary warnings, leaving details, long service, vehicle and driving details, etc.

We feel sure that most areas have been covered but would rely on the 4GL design tool of our product to add any areas that your special needs may require of the system.


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