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This tool has been designed to fulfil the demands of the user. Helping them gain access to the information database built up from the various input applications within the organisation.

This Management Information Retrieval is an ad hoc SQL type enquiry language which is presented to the user in a form which allows a wide range of requests. From simple ad-hoc enquiries to quite complex reporting routines that can then be incorporated in the full-menu or operations as a permanent part of the system's reporting process.

The design screen allows for any file of data from any part of the system and links to the data dictionary of the system to present a list of available pieces of information. This is invaluable to those who are unsure as to where the data lies in the first place.

From the designed report; tests, prints, alterations and re-runs can be done until the user is happy with the results. Selections, lists, labels, headings, footings, spacing, auto page numbering, printer/screen output choice and "?" entries for prompts allowing run-time selection queries (e.g. Turnover over "?").

In short a powerful friend to the user who always thought that what they required was in the system somewhere but was unsure of how to release it. We make use of this tool in our own module offerings to provide the quickest route to any report changes as the user demands them.


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